Legislation & Breeders' Rights

AKC Government Relations

90 – AKC Government Relations is Fighting for You! – Phil Guidry, J.D.

Junior Handler, Cocker Breeder to help lead the fight as attorney at AKC Government Relations, Phil Guidry’s heart and soul is committed to the preservation of our breeds.

One Breed One World

77 – One Breed, One World: Think and Breed Global with Doug Johnson

One Breed, One World: Think and Breed Global with Doug Johnson STUMP – PHOTO COURTESY OF DOUG JOHNSON One Breed, One World Doug Johnson started at a young and impressionable age of 15, and attributes his “no bias” mentality to his youth. Pursuit in quality is the top priority in working in small gene pools…

Dog Savvy Lawyer

69 – Dog Savvy Lawyer: Jen Amundsen – Puppy Contracts, Estate Planning and Pet Trusts

Jen Amundsen is the Dog Savvy Lawyer and shows Clumber Spaniels. In this episode Jen covers puppy contracts, importance of pet trusts and estate planning.


60 – National Purebred Dog Day: Susi Szeremy

National Purebred Dog Day is May 1! Join in the fun and support by posting a photo of you and your dog with a I Love Purebred Dog Day sign. Enjoy Susi Szeremy as she tells the story of the fight to make this a National Day!

naia patti strand

43 – Fight for your Breeding Rights: Patti Strand and NAIA

National Animal Interest Alliance National Animal Interest Alliance and Patti Strand have been fighting for purebred dogs and animal ownership rights for 26 years.  Listen as Patti Strand gives an overview of the Animal Rights issues, the history, current public perception, and the propaganda war. NAIA Trust The NAIA Trust is the legislative arm of…


23 – Our Breeds are Endangered: Preservation Breeding-Bill Shelton

Purebred Dogs Headed for Extinction? The need for Preservation Breeding has never been greater.  Not only has science revealed genetic traits and health testing, but the need for learning how to integrate genetic mapping into tradition breeding traditions. AKC Judge Bill Shelton of Coventry Corgis and co-breeder Dr. Beckie Williams, DVM with special interest in…