Legislation & Breeders' Rights

197 – Local Legislative Liaison Defends Our Rights | Pure Dog Talk

New Legislative Advocate in Our Corner Robert Miller and a WPG puppy named Hoss. Robert Miller, AKC’s new legislative analyst and outreach coordinator, is a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon breeder of merit and hunter. His background in legislative work and public information is being put to use on the west coast to provide proactive involvement with…


SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE ALERT: Speak Up in Dallas, TX | Pure Dog Talk

SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE ALERT Wednesday, 6/27 at 9 a.m., the Dallas City Council will consider a proposal that ALL dogs impounded in the city be altered before being returned to the owner. The current law has exceptions for show and performance dogs. This proposal is seeking to do away with that exception. Show Up and Speak…


176 — NAIA’s Patti Strand on Pet Expo for Public Outreach | Pure Dog Talk

Pet Expo Provides Public Outreach Opportunity Patti Strand, President of the National Animal Interest Alliance, has spent nearly 30 years attending America’s Family Pet Expo in Orange County, Calif. Instead of insisting that JQ Public meet purebred dogs only at dog shows, where most of us are too busy to actually interact with visitors, Strand…


166 – Mark Dunn: AKC Registration Trend Reversal|Pure Dog Talk

Mark Dunn, AKC Senior Vice President of Registration and Customer Development, releases significant trend reversal data on the number of litters registered and the number of people breeding dogs.

Dr. Cindy Buckmaster

131|Dr. Cindy Buckmaster|Research Animal Truths|Pure Dog Talk

Dr. Cindy Buckmaster reveals the facts behind fabricated Animal Rights fundraising campaigns. Recorded at the NAIA Animal Nation Conference in Washington, D.C.

Patte Klecan and Laura Reeves

126 – Where’s the Beef and Why It’s With Our Dogs|Patte Klecan and Caren Cowan

Patte Klecan and Caren Cowan, dogs and beef, successfully legislate together in New Mexico for all agriculture rights.

Commercial Kennels

115 – Commercial Kennels and Show Dog Breeders: On the Same Side with Craig Curry

Commercial Kennels are not the puppy mills of the past. Show Dog Breeders have bad apples too. Are they on the same side against PETA and HSUS activists?

Sheila Goffe AKC

106 – Sheila Goffe – AKC Vice President Government Relations: How to Impact

Sheila Goffe, Vice President AKC Government Relations, provides us with specific, actionable projects to impact the world around us.

naia patti strand

104 – NAIA: Patti Strand Asks “What is YOUR Elevator Speech” for Purebred Dogs

NAIA President Patti Strand shares elevator speech strategies for talking with the public and gives PureDogTalk listeners the inside track on breaking news about upcoming legislation.


96 – Divorce, Disease, Disaster, Disability, Delay, Death and Your Dogs: Debra Hamilton Esq. – How to Make a MAAP Plan

Divorce, Disease, Disaster, Disability, Delay, Death and Your Dogs: Debra Hamilton Esq. – How to Make a MAAP Plan. What happens to your dogs in the event of divorce, disease, disaster, disability, delay, or death? Don’t assume that family or friends know what your want, how to care for them, or who should have them. Dogs are personal property. Just because you assume that your breed friends will come to your rescue, reality is that they might not be able or willing to, or be legally able.