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40 – Breed the Best, Love the Rest: Doug and Michaelanne Johnson on Old English Sheepdogs and Bouviers

A Family Affair: How to Balance Family and Breeding Recorded LIVE at Westminster Dog Show. Doug and Michaelanne Johnson of Old English Sheepdog and Bouvier des Flandres fame raised 5 children while handling show...


39 – Jody’s Juniors: Teaching our next generation of Dog Show Handlers

Jody Davidson – Jody’s Juniors Once upon a time a Junior Handler herself, Jody Davidson is a professional dog trainer, member of Assoc of Professional Dog Trainers and Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.  Located in...


38 – Throw a Party with a Premium List: Betty-Anne Stenmark’s Guide for Dog Show Chairs and Clubs

A Dog Show Should Be Fun Listen to Episode #38 of Pure Dog Talk as Betty-Anne Stenmark shares lessons learned of how to throw a party with a premium list; a dog show that...


37 – Foundation Stock Service: The Pumi and Rare Breeds Journey to AKC Recognition

From Foundation Stock Service, to Miscellaneous to AKC Recognition, Chris and Tom Levy brought the Hungarian Pumi, a herding dog, to full AKC Recognition.


36 – Bird Crazy Dogs? Learn from a Master of Bird Dogs: Ray Calkins, DVM

Bird Dog Mentor: Ray Calkins Mentors Who Last a Lifetime by Laura Reeves Ray and Lynn Calkins, Cascade GWP, were among my very first breed mentors. Back in the mid-‘80s, I acquired my first...


35 – Dogs to the Rescue: Firefighters, First Responders and Pluis Davern

Listen as Pluis Davern brings her devotion and wonderful spirit to Pure Dog Talk #35.  Part Two of Sussex Spaniels, Spaniel Hunt Tests, and the formation of the Search and Rescue Canine program. Pluis...


34 – Sussex Spaniels, Hunt Tests, Search and Rescue: Pluis Davern Tells All

When good dog people do good things – Pluis Davern succeeded with Sussex Spaniels, helped create AKC Spaniel Hunt Tests, and then helped to start the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation.


33 – The Voice of Westminster Goes Hollywood: David Frei and Kennel Club of Beverly Hills

Was the “Voice of Westminster” Your First Mentor? David Frei was “The Voice of Westminster”. For 27 years, David opened our eyes to the traits, instincts, stories and wonder of purebred dogs.  From David...


32 – Katie Campbell: Why the Public Shows Up at the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show

Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show Rocks! Katie Campbell is a second-generation dog breeder and has been exhibiting and breeding under her own TAJI prefix since 1991. Though known worldwide for her highly acclaimed Basenjis,...


31 – Not a Gene Pool…a Gene Puddle: Betty-Anne Stenmark on Dandie Dinmont Terriers

Mrs. Betty-Anne Stenmark Mrs. Betty-Anne Stenmark wrote the book on Dandie Dinmont Terriers…literally.  Under the King’s Mtn. kennel name, a long line of champions have been bred and an endangered breed preserved to this...

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