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20 – Bomb Proof Your Puppy: Dr. Gayle Watkins #4

How to socialize and prepare your puppy during the critical sensitive period up to 16 weeks of age. Understand the difference between Startle and Fear, what age they occur, how to train Following, and...


19 – AKC Judge Suzanne Dillin: Speaks the Hard Truth

Mrs. Suzanne Dillin AKC Judge, Vintage Breeder of Pugs and English Cockers, and Animal Artist, speaks the hard truth, straight to the point on a variety of subjects. Standards, mentors, clubs, breeders, linebreeding, stories...


18 – Jr Handler to Pro: 10 Tips to Beat the Odds

Junior Showmanship is the training grounds for future professional handlers and judges. Laura Reeves, PHA, and second generation handler, reveals 10 tips to consider when making the jump from junior to pro.


17 – Dr. Gayle Watkins: Transition Period in Puppies – Part 3

Dr Gayle Watkins has been breeding and showing multipurpose golden retrievers for 38 years under the kennel name Gaylan’s. Driven by a passion for science, she has taken her background as both a researcher...


16 – Bill Shelton: How to Create a Family of Dogs

AKC Judge Bill Shelton – Coventry Corgis – Master Breeders and Renowned Kennels build on successive generations to create a Family of Dogs. Curators and preservationists, Championship Breeders use 21st Century toolboxes to preserve...


15 – Become a Master Handler – the 4 Levels of Handling

The Four Levels to Become a Master Handler – Each level is a unique step to success, each with unique problems, goals, focus, and achievements. Listen as Laura coaches four handlers – beginner, experienced,...


14 – Dr. Gayle Watkins #2 – Breeder’s Guide to Neonatal Puppies

Dr. Gayle Watkins continues with the neonatal period of puppies – the first two weeks. Mothering, improving stress management as adults, Early Neurological Stimulation, Early Scent Introduction, Avoidance of Hip Dysplasia with proper whelping...


13 – Legendary AKC Judge Virgina (Ginny) Lyne

AKC Judge Virginia Lyne Takes Us to School! Miss Lyne, with almost 50 years of judging, speaks directly to judges and exhibitors on fascination with dogs, critiques, hands on training, judges study groups, breed...


12 – Test Your Dog’s Instincts – Wonderful World of Dog

Dogs are amazing and working with our dogs natural instincts is not only amazing, but fun too! Field, herding, instinct, agility, nose work, barn hunt, CAT, lure coursing and more…


11-Dr. Gayle Watkins – Nutrition of the Dam, Canine Nomograph and Puppy Immunity

Dr. Gayle Watkins from addresses the latest research on proper nutrition of the dam prior to breeding, and how the dam’s nutrition affects immunity, temperament, and life-long health in our puppies. Blood tests...

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