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stud dog series

50 – Stud Dog: Progesterone – 4 Part Series with Sirius Canine Fertility

Progesterone: Part 1 of 4 on Stud Dog Management Sirius Canine Fertility Welcome to the first of four Friday episodes on understanding stud dog management and insemination techniques. Bridgett Higginbothm, AKC Judge, Bulldog breeder,...


49 – What Was the Dog Show Judge Thinking? AKC Judge and Dog Show Mentor Lee Whittier

From the Judges Perspective As an AKC Judge, Lee Whittier often saw quality, but untrained dogs with exhibitors that could use some help.  Digging a little deeper, Lee realized that the exhibitors that really...


48 – Mike Pitts: Teaching the Next Generation

From Apprentice to Master Handler to Mentoring the Next Generation   Mike Pitts, along with his wife Linda, are among the top tier handlers in the country, having run multiple top dogs over the...


47 – Yellow Submarine, Rock and Roll, Peace Out and Woofstock: Kim Meredith

Remember the 60’s? Tie Dye, Rock and Roll, Yellow Submarine, the Beatles and Woofstock… oh yeah, peace out man


46 – Two Time Crufts Winner – Breeder Owner Jason Lynn

Winning Crufts Dog Show not once, but twice with both an American Cocker and Standard Poodle. Co-bred with Michael Gadsby and handler on both is an amazing feat. Listen to American-born Jason Lynn on...


45 – Canine Conditioning: 8 Simple Exercises from Dixie Rae Sick

Dixie Rae Sick on Canine Conditioning Canine Conditioning is fitness for all our canine competitors and athletes.  Whether your dog is a show dog, an agility dog or a frisbee dog, a herding, hunting,...


44 – Call the Coonhounds: Night Hunts, Water Races and more

Jason Duby and Blue Tick Coonhounds Big Adventures Jason Duby loves to run his blue tick coonhounds.  Bench shows, field trials, nite hunts and water races are all coonhound competitions that earn AKC titles....

naia patti strand

43 – Fight for your Breeding Rights: Patti Strand and NAIA

National Animal Interest Alliance National Animal Interest Alliance and Patti Strand have been fighting for purebred dogs and animal ownership rights for 26 years.  Listen as Patti Strand gives an overview of the Animal...


42 – Juniors Speak Out: Listen to the Wisdom – Jr. Showmanship Judges

Juniors are Wise Beyond Their Years Little did we know when Laura Reeves put the question out on Facebook asking the simple question… Is there a difference between competing in Junior Showmanship and the...


41 – Girl Scouts Have Gone to the Dogs… and Get an AKC Dog Show Patch Merit Badge

Marlene Groves and the Girl Scout Dog Show Patch Lifelong Girl Scout and Bloodhound fancier, Marlene Groves created the Dog Show Patch for Girl Scouts of all ages to learn about dogs. Donated to...

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