11 – Dr. Gayle Watkins – Nutrition of the Dam, Canine Nomograph and Puppy Immunity

Dr. Gayle Watkins from addresses the latest research on proper nutrition of the dam prior to breeding, and how the dam’s nutrition affects immunity, temperament, and life-long health in our puppies. Blood tests for maternal immunity in puppies and vaccinations are discussed.


10 – Bill and Taffe McFadden Live at AKC Nationals – Wisdom Wednesday

Bill and Taffe McFadden are two of the most beloved professional handlers in the United States. Based in Northern California, they have worked together for well over 30 years to present some of the top dogs in the country. Three times they have taken dogs to #1 all breeds in the nation, including the incomparable Mick, the Kerry Blue Terrier who won Best in Show at the Garden in 2003, Spirit the Giant Schnauzer and Harry the Dandy Dinmont Terrier.

They have a half dozen top handler awards and 10 Westminster KC group wins between them.

Their proudest accomplishments? Raising three sane children.


9 – Finding a Show Puppy

Buying a purebred dog, whether for companionship, performance competition, a show dog or all of the above is exciting. It also requires patience, study and commitment. You aren’t going down to the car dealership and picking your favorite color & haggling over the price. This is a living, breathing soul who will be with you…


8 – The Three Little Piggies and How They Built a Better Dog

Straw, Sticks and Bricks – Understanding the blueprint to build a brick house foundation for better dogs. How breed history and the breed standard work together, form and function, and learning the language of the standard.


7 – How to Count Dog Show Championship Points

How to Count Championship Points Understanding the Classes All classes are divided by sex and championship status. The non-champion male dogs compete for Winners Dog. The non-champion female dogs compete for Winners Bitch. Only animals awarded Winners Dog and Winners Bitch are eligible to earn points toward their championship status. After that, the Champion animals…


6 – Growing Up Your Show Dog

Growing Up Your Show Dog: In this Episode Shaping a Show Dog What are Why are boundaries important? Crate Training and Safety Exposure and Early Socialization: Matter of fact introductions. Your role and attitude and how it imprints on the dog. Frequency of socialization. Fitness Training: Early puppy play and interaction with you. Formal fitness…


5 – Problem Solving 101 in the Show Ring

Problem Solving 101: In Episode #5, we tackle three of the most consistent ring issues. Showing the Bite Showing the dog’s bite can be nerve-racking for the beginner handler.  Since training the bite starts at a young age, sometimes an inexperienced handler needs a little help. Listen as Laura goes through the basic steps and…


4 – How to Master the Dog Show Ring

Steps to Mastering the Dog Show Ring: In this episode, Laura Reeves takes you on a Virtual Tour – How to move from beginner to master level. Mastery is a mental game that Master handlers make look simple. Simple Tips: Get to the dog show early. Checklist of what to do before your ring time….


3 – Dog Show Basics – Moving Your Dog

Dog Show Basics – Moving Your Dog Moving your dog. How to move gracefully with your dog. Why moving your dog smoothly is important and how to help you succeed. Getting Rid of Bad Habits Don’t mince your steps Lower your center of gravity Upper body and leash hand still Stand up tall Move your…


2 – How To Stack Your Dog

Stacking your dog. What is stacking and how to do it. We cover the hand stack and the free stack of your show dog.