49 – What Was the Dog Show Judge Thinking? AKC Judge and Dog Show Mentor Lee Whittier


From the Judges Perspective

As an AKC Judge, Lee Whittier often saw quality, but untrained dogs with exhibitors that could use some help.  Digging a little deeper, Lee realized that the exhibitors that really needed a mentor were not just the beginners, but the Owner-Handlers that have been showing for 5-15 years.

Owner Handlers – Help from the Judge’s Perspective

Many owner-handlers have ring experience, but have also developed habits, attitudes, or beliefs about their breed, dog, or ring procedures that actually keep them from succeeding.

What is the Dog Show Judge Thinking?

Ever walk out of the ring wondering what the dog show judge was thinking?  Many exhibitors lay “blame” on the professional handler in the ring, rather than examine other reasons?

Dog Show Mentor is a program developed by Lee Whittier to mentor owner-handlers from the judge’s perspective.

Enjoy listening to Lee Whittier as she gives 3 tips and a few suggestions to help you improve today.


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1 Comment

  1. Lynn Young on 04/08/2019 at 6:22 AM

    Yes owner-handlers complain about prof handlers. Often 1/3 of a weekly drop-in class is taken up w this whining.
    I am an owner- handler, breeder & handler client. I’ve shown the same breed since they were in Misc (1990’s). Without going on, I will say my dogs have been successful, regardless of who was handling.
    The problem I see in class is the ‘whiners’ are still showing the same marginal quality as 20 yrs ago. They have not developed the ‘eye’ for their selection of a show prospect; they have not improved their health (exercise/diet) & coat care (routine grooming). They would rather drag 3 duds around the ring than invest in a quality competitor. They have become experts at bellyaching about all the things they can’t do anything about.
    Too often breeders dupe their buyers by placing dogs as ‘show quality’ & requiring them to be shown, only to have numbers for entries. Shame on them.
    Drop-in classes don’t teach a great deal; dogs do not get a serious critique, nor their owners.
    Finally, I believe people don’t know how to be competitors & practice good sportsmanship.

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