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43 – Fight for your Breeding Rights: Patti Strand and NAIA

National Animal Interest Alliance National Animal Interest Alliance and Patti Strand have been fighting for purebred dogs and animal ownership rights for 26 years.  Listen as Patti Strand gives an overview of the Animal Rights issues, the history, current public perception, and the propaganda war. NAIA Trust The NAIA Trust is the legislative arm of…


42 – Juniors Speak Out: Listen to the Wisdom – Jr. Showmanship Judges

Juniors are Wise Beyond Their Years Little did we know when Laura Reeves put the question out on Facebook asking the simple question… Is there a difference between competing in Junior Showmanship and the regular conformation ring? Vienna Yeadon We would be overwhelmed with a multitude of intelligent, thought-provoking responses! Juniors of all ages, aged-out…


41 – Girl Scouts Have Gone to the Dogs… and Get an AKC Dog Show Patch Merit Badge

Marlene Groves and the Girl Scout Dog Show Patch Lifelong Girl Scout and Bloodhound fancier, Marlene Groves created the Dog Show Patch for Girl Scouts of all ages to learn about dogs. Donated to the AKC, the program is a great way for clubs to bring youth and dogs together, and a popular much-needed media…


40 – Breed the Best, Love the Rest: Doug and Michaelanne Johnson on Old English Sheepdogs and Bouviers

A Family Affair: How to Balance Family and Breeding Recorded LIVE at Westminster Dog Show. Doug and Michaelanne Johnson of Old English Sheepdog and Bouvier des Flandres fame raised 5 children while handling show dogs and running a Colorado Springs, CO boarding and training kennel. Winners of the AKC Breeder of the Year and Herding…


39 – Jody’s Juniors: Teaching our next generation of Dog Show Handlers

Jody Davidson – Jody’s Juniors Once upon a time a Junior Handler herself, Jody Davidson is a professional dog trainer, member of Assoc of Professional Dog Trainers, and Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.  Located in Arizona, Jody leads a team of young dog show enthusiasts to become not only good handlers, but the life skills of…


38 – Throw a Party with a Premium List: Betty-Anne Stenmark’s Guide for Dog Show Chairs and Clubs

A Dog Show Should Be Fun Listen to Episode #38 of Pure Dog Talk as Betty-Anne Stenmark shares lessons learned of how to throw a party with a premium list; a dog show that all enjoy and attracts specialty clubs to party too. Show Chairs, Club Members, Exhibitors and Aspiring Judges will all benefit from…


37 – Foundation Stock Service: The Pumi and Rare Breeds Journey to AKC Recognition

From Foundation Stock Service, to Miscellaneous to AKC Recognition, Chris and Tom Levy brought the Hungarian Pumi, a herding dog, to full AKC Recognition.


36 – Bird Crazy Dogs? Learn from a Master of Bird Dogs: Ray Calkins, DVM

Bird Dog Mentor: Ray Calkins Mentors Who Last a Lifetime by Laura Reeves Ray and Lynn Calkins, Cascade GWP, were among my very first breed mentors. Back in the mid-‘80s, I acquired my first Wirehair when I was a teenager. She was eventually bred to the Calkins’ first Wirehair, the dog who would be the…


35 – Dogs to the Rescue: Firefighters, First Responders and Pluis Davern

Listen as Pluis Davern brings her devotion and wonderful spirit to Pure Dog Talk #35.  Part Two of Sussex Spaniels, Spaniel Hunt Tests, and the formation of the Search and Rescue Canine program. Pluis Davern 2011 AKC Breeder of the Year – Sundowner Sussex Spaniel First Sussex Spaniel, Vicar of Lexxfield CD was first Sussex…


34 – Sussex Spaniels, Hunt Tests, Search and Rescue: Pluis Davern Tells All

When good dog people do good things – Pluis Davern succeeded with Sussex Spaniels, helped create AKC Spaniel Hunt Tests, and then helped to start the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation.