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22 – You Have a Voice: Pat Laurans – Power of the AKC Delegate Role

Delegates represent your voice to the AKC – Understand the power of the delegates role, and how the delegate body steers the AKC. Creation of Take the Lead and Pet Disaster Relief Trailers.


19 – AKC Judge Suzanne Dillin: Speaks the Hard Truth

Mrs. Suzanne Dillin AKC Judge, Vintage Breeder of Pugs and English Cockers, and Animal Artist, speaks the hard truth, straight to the point on a variety of subjects. Standards, mentors, clubs, breeders, linebreeding, stories...


13 – Legendary AKC Judge Virgina (Ginny) Lyne

AKC Judge Virginia Lyne Takes Us to School! Miss Lyne, with almost 50 years of judging, speaks directly to judges and exhibitors on fascination with dogs, critiques, hands on training, judges study groups, breed...


10 – Bill and Taffe McFadden Live at AKC Nationals – Wisdom Wednesday

Bill and Taffe McFadden are two of the most beloved professional handlers in the United States. Based in Northern California, they have worked together for well over 30 years to present some of the...

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