Sports & Training

295 — Dogs Just Want to Have Fun: Increasing Focus in Performance

Dogs Just Want to Have Fun: Increasing Focus in Performance Dogs Dr. Paige Pierce, veterinary behaviorist, speaks to the topic of increasing focus in overly social dogs during performance events. This presentation was sponsored by the Clumber Spaniel Health Foundation at the 2018 Clumber Spaniel Club of America National Specialty. Owners and exhibitors of the…


283 – Dachshund Field Trials and Earthdog Tests Preserve Instinct

Dachshund Field Trials and Earthdog Tests Preserve Instinct Dachshund breeder and field judge Jennifer Milosavljevic shares the excitement of Dachshund field trials  and Earthdog tests. The Dachshund is first and foremost a hunting breed. Hunters created the breed and by competing in Dachshund field trials, breeders and owners work to preserve the breed. Dachshund field…


277 – Hunting Poodles at Poodle Club of America: No, Really!

Hunting Poodles at Poodle Club of America… No, Really! Jaci Bowman hunting with two standard poodles Jaci Bowman, owner, trainer and handler of hunting Poodles, joins host Laura Reeves to talk about retrieving, upland bird hunting and the history of poodle participation in hunt tests. Bowman began hunting with her poodles in the 1990s. She…


273 — Herding Dogs: “Eye,” Competition and Genetic Instinct

Herding Dogs: “Eye,” Competition and Genetic Instinct Tammy Van Deusen works with Shetland Sheepdogs in herding trials. Herding dog trainer and Shetland Sheepdog breeder Tammy Van Deusen joins host Laura Reeves to share her knowledge. “Give ’em the Eye” We talk about “eye” contact, the way Border Collies and Kelpies control stock, versus “loose eye”…


253 — Winter Workouts with the Big Moose… Keep Your Dog Fit in January

Winter workouts: Keep your dog fit in January Kristin Sandstede, certified canine conditioning coach. Kristin Sandstede, certified canine conditioning coach, says winter workouts featuring mental stimulation will help keep your dogs sane during dreary weather. Sandstede offers concrete projects you can do to have dogs use their brains, when it is rainy, gray, cold or…


251 – Trainer Suzanne Clothier on Relationship Building with Your Dog

Suzanne Clothier Talks Relationship Building Suzanne Clothier has developed a training and assessment system built entirely around relationship building with our dogs. “Animals have been my whole life,” Clother said. “It’s a lifelong passion, that has informed a fascinating journey.” Clothier’s seminal book, Bones Would Rain from the Sky, was published in 1998. Her warm,…


248 – LIVE: Laura on Breed Specific Presentation Featuring Sighthounds

Commonalities and Differences in Sighthounds LIVE seminar hosted by the Saluki Club of Greater San Francisco Live from the Harvest Moon Cluster, your host Laura Reeves talks sighthounds. The seminar was sponsored by the Saluki Club of Greater San Francisco. Watch and listen to the entire seminar here. Temperament and showmanship are part of breed…


219 – Positive Solutions for Canine Aggression Issues

Tips and tools for managing canine aggression using positive reinforcement   Lisa Moore, canine behavior counselor, with three of her dogs at a recent dog show. Lisa Moore is a canine behavior counselor who works regularly for clients dealing with aggression issues in their dogs. She uses positive reinforcement and counter-conditioning methods to bring these dogs…


217 – Crate Training, Jumping Up, Digging and Behavior Analysis

Behavior analysis and positive reinforcement create success Animal behaviorist Lara Joseph shares her expert knowledge on understanding our dog’s behavior, how to read signals from the dog and use behavior analysis to shape a new future. Joseph knows for a fact that positive reinforcement training works. She uses it extensively with zoo animals and exotics,…

Debbie Cutter and one of her top obedience Scottish Deerhounds

213 – Scottish Deerhounds in Obedience with Record-Making Trainer

Training Scottish Deerhounds for obedience competition requires patience Cutter with her current star, Blue Moon Ballad at Skyhigh UD OM1 TD The “otherworldly” grace of Scottish Deerhounds first appealed to Debbie Cutter in the early ‘80s as she sought a dog to compete in obedience. Her original breeder told her “do not try to do…