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Breeders Voice: Dog News: 10 Questions asked of Laura Reeves | Pure Dog Talk

Shout out to my friends at Dog News! One of the fun features in a GREAT Dog Show magazine.  

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Breeders Voice: Just DO Something: Fighting “Rescue” Dog Trafficking | Pure Dog Talk

Just DO Something: Frustration, Fear and Facts Surrounding “Rescue” Dog Trafficking By Laura Reeves, Host, PureDogTalk So, about that Egyptian “rescue” dog running loose in Kansas, after being exposed to rabies….…

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Breeders Voice: Exclusive Interview with Joe Gregory & Evalyn Gregory | Pure Dog Talk

Joe Gregory fell in love with a Boxer in Louisville, Kentucky in 1947. The chance encounter sparked a passion that fueled a lifelong devotion to the breed, to purebred dogs, to handling and judging. And it inspired his daughter, Evalyn, to follow in his footsteps.

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Video: Dog Show Lip Sync Challenge, Friends in Low Places | Pure Dog Talk

Pure Dog Talk Dog Show Lip Sync Challenge! Join Pure Dog Talk for a great time with all our friends in Low Places!!    

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Video: Love the Legends: Carmen Battaglia|Pure Dog Talk

Love the Legends – Carmen Battaglia, Superdog Dr. Carmen Battaglia joins Host Laura Reeves for a LIVE podcast on breeding super dogs. Sponsored by Del Monte Kennel Club  

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Breeders Voice: Looking to the Juniors: Taking a Chance on Love | Pure Dog Talk

When responsible breeders, professional handlers and Junior Handlers work together, beautiful things can happen. The following is a story submitted by Pure Dog Talk listener Rylee Carlon. It’s a story of desire and heartbreak, redemption and joy. I hope you find it as touching as I did.

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